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Swapsol Process Cuts Gas Refining Costs 70 Percent

Low-temp, catalytic process set for Q2 pilot, new partner discussions on horizon

GASTECH /Amsterdam (22 March, 2011) –SWAPSOL announced today its pre-pilot sulphur disposal technology may help refiners eliminate nearly two-thirds of their current gas processing costs. Company director Wolf Koch (Cook), Ph.D., cited data from an independent cost and engineering analysis when he presented the news at Gastech.

"This new data shows how the SWAP can both improve a gas processors bottom line and make a positive contribution to a cleaner environment simultaneously," Koch said.

The report shows the SWAP disposal costs estimate to be $0.46 ($/1,000cf), compared to $1.40 ($/1,000cf) with current Claus technology. The cost comparison is based against published U.S. Department of Energy data on competing processes adjusted from 2004 to 2008 — the reference time frame for the present study.

APG Associates prepared the report. It details the design and cost estimate for the SWAP process to sweeten sour gas from a typical deep gas well. The design is for 40 million cubic feet per day of gas at 1,000 psi, containing 5 percent H2S and 3 percent CO2.

Low-temperature exothermic reaction
The SWAP converts H2S below detectable limits with three possible reaction paths that may be applied to cleaning landfill, sour, flue, and other industrial gases. Additional SWAP applications include utilization of carsuls— a carbon-sulphur polymer — and the conversion of H2S into hydrogen for use in refineries and chemical plants or as a potential power source.

Pilot construction
SWAPSOL is currently in discussions with potential partners on the design and construction of the H2S -> H2 pilot scheduled to begin in Q2 2011. Koch said given that the SWAP holds several applications, the company is compelled to actively pursue R&D and equity partnerships to realize the technology's full potential.

"The SWAP may impact a wide range of hydrocarbon refining operations," said Koch. "We believe it will be a vital tool in processing sour gas and eliminating H2S at relatively low costs."

SWAPSOL Corporation
SWAPSOL is an environmental R&D firm based in Eatontown, New Jersey. It is developer of the SWAP, a suite of hydrocarbon refining solutions stemming from the discovery of a reaction between CO2 and H2S: (2H2S + CO2 ==> Sulfur + 2H2O + carsuls). Refining operations already have sulfur plants and gas streams containing H2S, increasing the feasibility of integrating SWAP technology.

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